POMO Galerie

via Giuseppe Sirtori, 6 — 20129 Milano



photography by 
Delfino Sisto Legnani 

7.4.2014 — 2.5.2014 
OPENING Sunday 6th April 2014 From 6 PM to 8 PM

Floors are designed to be walked upon, and as a result are frequently ignored or disregarded. But beneath our busy feet lies a fundamental architectural feature that often distills the essence of a place. In the case of Milan, it’s the so-called seminato, or “sown floor”, also known as terrazzo alla veneziana. As the name implies, its origins lie in the Veneto region, but few cities in Italy boast more impressive examples than Milan. From Renaissance palazzi to contemporary temples of retail or travel, these composite floors poured from cement and chips of granite, glass, marble, or quartz, are everywhere. PIN–UP asked the photographer Delfino Sisto Legnani to zoom in on a few highlights.